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Design for Systems Change

LESA Communications offers affordable website, branding and social media graphic support for social enterprises and start-ups.

With our unique understanding of the sector – built on a foundation of more than 20 years of experience, the LESA team understands how to enhance visual and brand opportunities to further the work of social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and others in the social sector.

goal brand relationship

We believe an organisation’s goals should determine their branding, which must then inform all content and communication.

integrated communications

Services Offered

LESA bullet Brand style guides
LESA bullet Social media and presentation templates
LESA bullet Mobile responsive website design
LESA bullet Updating website content
LESA bullet Document and brochure design
LESA bullet Content creation and editing
LESA bullet Brainstorming ideas
LESA bullet Brand naming for new products/services
LESA bullet Logo design

Recent projects

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